To run your business in a perfect sound functionally nowadays, it is essential to exhibit an online presence and win the fame. Everyone knows that having a website is one of the best feasible solutions. Apart from that, there are some elements to be taken care of to reach the feat namely website conversion rate and call to action. This blog is for you if you are longing to increase conversion rate and boost call to action. If you do related searches on the internet, the most probable answers you would find are growth hacking tips and strategies which can help escort your website in the right direction.

How is Conversion Rate & Call to Action Associated?

The conversion rate can be defined as the number of visitors arriving at your website to meet a specific target (conversion). Call To Action (CTA) is an immediate response provoked by a visitor by tapping on words such as “Buy Now!”, “Order Now”, “Free Consultation” etc. We can say that the conversion rate is an immediate result of CTA. So, your focus should be on initiating a perfect call to action so that it paves way for a good conversion rate.

Where to Place the CTA Button?

If a visitor visiting your page is a lazy one, the chances that he/ she scrolls down to the CTA is probably nill. So place the button in a place where visibility is quite high so that the visitor’s focus is at the peak. The tagline should also be smart enough in order to make people act.

Parameters to Create a Perfect Call to Action

We focus on creating an exquisite call to action from your website. Without wasting time let us dive into those simple steps which many online marketing services neglect and fail to win people’s heart.
Placement of the Text on the Website
As we mentioned above, the text must be placed in the most visible region of your website. The phrase used must be sensible and straightforward enough to grab people’s attention and tempts them to tap the button to solve their problem and satisfy their business needs. Studies by top online marketing agencies reveal that placing the CTA button with offers at the same place can boost the probability of being clicked by 100%.
Size & Colour of CTA that Grab Eyeballs
Bring the font size of CTA to fair so that it would be more beneficial for the viewers rather than designing buttons that are too small or too large as it creates a distraction. Similarly, the color too gives a good impact on the visitors. Studies say it has a psychological effect on the spectator. Ensure to refer the color combinations to be done with the help of a designer on the CTA button.

Growth Hacking Strategies to Boost Website Conversion Rate

Here are some lead generation tactics that you can apply on your website increase conversion rate.
Make Use of Smiling Images
Who doesn’t like looking at good smiling faces? It has been proved that putting such smiling images can definitely increase the conversion rate.
Include your Complete Contact Information
The customers should not get exhausted searching for your digital marketing company in the city. Give them the entire address without missing a single detail.
Use Simple Forms to Communicate
Consider using minimum fields in your contact form so that it does not add to the customer’s headache and may avoid proceeding with it.
Write Easy to Understand Language
Don’t be too tough on the terms used because the visitors may be from various background and it is advised to use language that seems familiar to all in a creative way.
Your conversion rate also varies with the simple strategies used in your website. The above techniques utilized by a digital marketing agency can boost the call to action followed by increased conversion rate and lead generation. So, start looking whether your website has accomplished the above growth hacking strategies now!.

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