Startups do or die in the marketplace by their ability to drive customers to its business. Majority of the startups nowadays are in a position of slow death because they are not able to reach product-market fit. Even if it is achieved, the process of attracting customers is a tough job.

Restriction in Resource Availability  

It is to be mentioned that startups nowadays are restricted from the available resources and they need to figure out the most feasible way to attract customers and let them know they have the superior solutions to all kind of problems that act as a barrier for their business.
Removing these restrictions is quite difficult as well established companies have acquired all the resources to dominate all traditional channels. Notably, if a startup can get into the traditional marketing is the best way to capture some early customer enquiry who are looking for the trending solutions for business growth.

These Restrictions Lead to Innovation

If a startup needs a constant growth of their products to take place, they must completely change the rules of traditional channels and innovate themselves out of the box. They have to adapt to new ways of marketing and creatively come out with new ideas that bring a difference, else it would be a tough time to withstand.

Implementing Creative Ideas is not Just Marketing, Its Growth Hacking

We would match the above creativeness to growth hacking rather than calling it as a marketing technique. The best growth hackers make use of the opportunities to the maximum to derive benefits out of the digital world. However, the first strategy adopted may not succeed so have to experiment multiple of them for many times to prove the success.  
Faster the ability of a firm to hack new ideas and implement them, better will be its opportunity to grow their business. It is to be noted that growth hackers don’t have time to waste time on strategizing new plans but have to frequently test on something that works well.

How Traditional Marketers Reacted to our Growth Hacking?

Majority of the traditional marketers claim that this is what they have been doing for all these period, but neither we see them becoming truly innovative nor deliver strategies that lead them to growth. The fact is that most of them do not have the need or the inspiration to innovate through new channels they have never been before.

On seeing us boosting with the striking growth rates after implementing growth hacking strategies, some traditional marketers have reacted shockingly in single words like “Awesome!, Marvelous, Amazing!” etc to prove themselves being wrong in the marketing productivity.

How can you Build Innovation and Shine with Transformative Results?

This was the question we have been receiving from large marketing team or agencies since our inception as a startup a year ago and the answer is simple – “Bring out new ideas for a change in today’s marketing where people have been seeing the same old techniques and plans repeatedly and implement them in the most innovative way”.
Surprisingly, growth hacking was born out of the startups like Maplitho that have forced some smart marketers in big corporates to look out for new ways to innovate widely. Now it has been a trend that they are trying to replicate the innovative growth hacking strategies implemented by startups and this is a fact everyone should accept. We also provide startup & enterprise consulting services with which suggests innovative ways to promote the indefinite growth of your business.  
Want to get more innovative ways for smart marketing and gain growth for your business? Give us a ring!           

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