A Common Perceptive Amongst Many

It is a common understanding that small startups, as well as big corporates, utilize brand new ways to innovate themselves. Large corporates tend to ignore many strategies used by the startups to bring stunning growth rates. Most of us assume that this impressiveness is a result of frequent experimentation in Content Marketing, viral campaigns, PR, search engine optimization etc, which can be termed as growth hacking.

Growth Hacking is not What you Think!

Growth hacking is a rather complex concept which many of us are unaware of. Even the professionals in the field are still fighting to bring a true definition of the term. In brief, growth hacking strategies involve widening user engagement and customer growth. In this blog post, we characterize growth hacking into 3 categories.

  • Test & Scale

Based on the data you have in hand, don’t assume the end result instead test relentlessly through different alternatives and measure them in order to discover the most effective path you can stick on with for your business growth. Even though you may have been experimenting with landing pages, creative executions, keywords and email executions, it is also mandatory to measure the quality of the acquisition channel. Growth hackers have a habit of ceasing their focus on high volume acquisition channels if they are not actively responding.

  • AARRR model

We as a growth hacker, prioritise and analyze your growth based on this tool and it is precisely known as growth funnel/cycle which involves the following strategies in our mind.
Acquisition:- Process of driving traffic to your website, store, events through email, SEO, partnership, PR, blogs, contexts, advertising, content marketing etc.
Activation:- Visitors to visit the website and post their details in the contact form, thereby converting them into frequent customers.
Retention:- Retain the existing customers and prompt them to be active after implementing various strategies.
Revenue:- Earning revenue from the active users through advertising, paid-memberships, one-off purchases etc.
Referral:- Encouraging the existing customers to engage new customers in the deal.

  • Scale & Push the Limits

The growth of your business does not come overnight. It takes time for the incoming of single or multiple users at a time rather than in batches. It is recommended to be patient and is an excellent opportunity to work with the influencers, targeting them and creating one-off deals which are found to be beneficial for both you and them.

How does Maplitho Implement Them?

Whether you are starting out a new app, product or service, we have the right focus and the right analytics. If you are receiving a pool of traffic from the public, then assure that we are hacking customers from a list of visitors and you are on a safe part of the funnel. We focus on each and every step of AARRR model and pivot on low conversion rates and rotate them into the right position. If we witness a lower conversion rate in your business, we experiment them on the smaller scale until we discover that you have achieved the right rate.

Growth Hacking is Not A Simple & Single Strategy Plan

The growth hacking strategy we employ become a success not with just an implementation of a single strategy instead have to rely on many. For example, contents become viral when it is easily shareable and distributed widely. We utilize social media sites like Instagram, Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc but that is not enough. Contents need to be tailored and have to use free applications or paid services to advertise in major social networks in order to be circulated rapidly across the world wide web.
Our online strategies include extensive use of behavioral retargeting or remarketing, designing alluring ads for the visitors who had left their details on the contact form, etc. Here is where we make use of the cookies concept of the web. This is why you see new popup ads rise on your facebook page a few days after you have tried for an item like booking or enquiry.

Here is Where Our Growth Hacking Comes To Play

How many times have you left a business due to their low conversion rate? There is a matter between converting users and diluting brand equity. Our strategies dedicate a robust yet flexible technique towards startups, mid-sized companies and corporates to implement more innovations at the same time restoring a lean approach as well as promoting higher growth rates.

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