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Growth hacking is an efficient way of experimenting with unique ideas to find the ideal solution to grow a business. Implementing a non-systematic method to move things forward can result in a complete loss for the company running it. This can also incur in financial loss for the firm thereby ruining the existing reputation. This blog is for those businesses who have been through similar conditions and we suggest you hacks while experimenting with growth hacking.

  • Beware Before Starting Big Tests

As a company aiming for sustainable growth, you must be living with a set of strategies in mind and the best ones will be chosen to implement but, ensure that they are prior tested before experimenting it in live. Notably, big tests require a big amount of resources and budget to handle.
The systematic way of approach towards growth hacking allows you to analyze the results and take appropriate actions in the future. Campaigns are a piece of cake for a growth hacking agency and while working on activities like email, PPC and social media campaigns, make sure to target a small audience group.

  • Neglecting About Growth in the Long Run

Growth hacking is for those who aspire for a long-term growth. Applying strategy for a temporary growth of your company is a total waste of time. Make sure that the implementation of your strategy finally ends up in a sustainable growth permanently, neglecting which will fail your business from raising its reputation.

  • Focussing on Achieving Diverse Goals

Whatever your business may be, focussing on achieving a single goal is always the best choice rather than pivoting on multiple targets. The latter idea can be inefficient as it consumes more of your time and money. Instead, you can create a single goal, then subdivide them into multiple milestones to reach the feat.

  • Strategy-less Growth Hacking is Harmful

Growth hacking marketing without planned and proper strategies can really be a tiresome one. Prior to experimenting in real-time, we suggest you plan a set of scheduled activities with the help of simple applications like MS Excel or Google Sheets are enough for planning growth hacks. An unorganized hack can result in just spending money and time without any benefits.

  • Skipping the Competitor Analysis Process

To always stay ahead in the competition, It is mandatory to run the competitor analysis to know the strengths, weaknesses and the insights of your current competitors and act wisely upon it using the growth hacking marketing strategies to overtake them to become a business giant.

  • No Shortcuts for Long-Term Growth

In one of the above points, we have mentioned about trying to achieve diverse goals at a time. Similarly, trying to take shortcuts to reach the feat by giving false promises or indulging in any fraudulent activities can adversely affect your brand reputation. This also signifies that the hacking marketing should maintain trustworthiness among the customers.
We pointed about the major errors committed by growth hacking consultancies. We accept that we have not mentioned everything here. If you have more points in hand to add, the remaining space below is for you to include your ideas.

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