The streets are empty. People grounded inside their homes. The whole world now knows what it feels like to stay indoors- all the thanks to the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic that shook the whole world by its throat.

With factories, industries and firms shut down, and almost 90% of the firms in lockdown, most of the CEOs are facing large scale losses due to the reduction in revenue. They fear a recession is very well underway as economic strategists and National Advisors fear the stock market might crash and oil prices may drop. Some of the common things that happen during most of the outbreaks include:

1. Panic Buying

2. Break-ins and looting

3. Arson

4. Large scale uprisings

With a majority of employees doing their works from home, the daily routines of firms have been affected. In such conditions, traditional marketing techniques won’t work out as those relied on face to face interaction of both the client and the clientele or the product and the one in need of it. This is where the boon of Digital marketing and subsidiary Growth Hacking strategies plays its role.

Some of the backbones strategies that make Digital marketing stand apart during a crisis are:-

1. Lead Generation

Even without having a face to face meetup with the prospective clients, thanks to Google Ad Words and other similar AI-enabled toolkits and Social Medias, one can still generate leads that can further convert “random visitors” into “potential customers”. Now that’s good for business- day in & day out, even if everyone works from homes. 

2. Branding 

With a majority of people now indoors, this is a perfect time to brand your services/ products. The amount of time people spent online has almost quadrupled in the last month alone. With no work to be done, people have begun to use various  social media and the search engines to improve their online reach. This can be seen as an example of how well one can “brand” themselves so as to reach a wider audience. 

3. Social Media Management

Social Media is what keeps people ticking almost every day. Almost everyone with access to a mobile phone can get to know what is happening in and around them through Social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. These can be also used as a means to promote your brand or advertise your product/ service. This would ensure heightened reach for your firm through Branding.  

With the world now in need of urgent solutions to the current financial crisis, Digital marketing is the sole way to get things back to normal so that the economy can prosper. Till things get back to how they were, one should “exploit” the entire advantages offered by the domain of Digital Marketing and its subsidiary factions like “Growth Hacking” etc to leverage the losses suffered during this time of a crisis.If there’s anything that this Pandemic has taught us, its that conventional means has been proved ineffective. Its always a case of “Survival of the Fittest and the Wise”. So now is the best time to make use of Digital Marketing strategies to bring economic stability to your firms. 

Stay safe and we can get out of this tough situation as one. Let us hope for better days to come.

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