We have already blogged about chatbots in one of our previous articles. If you think you have missed the interesting topic, there is nothing to be worried of. You can read it from the blog “Chatbots to Revamp Customer Experience!” were we have discussed its basics, categories and futuristic use.

So, we are not stepping into those topics again, instead, we are moving onto something fresh for you to know. We are pointing out some basic flaws that may arise after you have released the application for prospects use. This can be really a problematic issue as its non-fixing may fail you from retaining the potential customer.

Studies by various online marketing agencies reveal that such issues involve less on the technical part and more on the UX side and such errors can diminish the value of your brand. Here we are listing out some of the common bugs and the ways to its permanent fix.

  • Absence of Originality

When a user interacts with the bot, it must give him a feeling like he or she is conversing with a real human, to twist the interaction to a more interesting one. Most probably, the user would be aware that it’s a machine replying but don’t let them know that. The lack of originality can be compensated with not much complications as you think.

Fix: The first thing to do to ensure genuinity, add a name to the bot with that of an employee in your digital marketing company will give the user a sense that a human is speaking on the other side. It would be nice to add some quotes, tips or suggestions based on their selected product, date and time, which creates a feeling of genuinity to the user.

  • Shortify & Simplify Bots

Any type of brand you may be handling, the bot you have created must personify the nature of the brand in its slang and action. Apart from the language, a chatbot must be able to provide a clear-cut idea while on the interaction with a user.

Fix: To hold the user in the active state, the response from the bot should be short, simple and up to the mark. One of the growth hacking marketing strategies suggests to keep the reply instant and avoid implementing complicated functionalities. Notably, executing a few tasks without faults is more productive than implementing multiple functions with flaws spread, affecting user experience.

  • Failing to go with Strategies

We have witnessed many companies implementing great tech ideas to their bots only for the sake of just showcasing and generate a feeling of a techie to the customers. You should be aware of its distinct functionalities, motive and the most feasible way of adding to the customer’s support.
Fix: Try some of our growth hacking strategies that enable you to have a sequenced strategy in mind for each process. As most of the company’s ultimate goal is lead generation, the idea should be implemented depicting the interaction between the user and the chatbot. Ensure to prevent spamming messages to be sent to the customers or else you will lose your bots worth in their mind.

  • Convert into a Productive Conversation

As we mentioned above in one of the points, the interaction should clear and concise, and the conversation headed further should direct in a more efficient way to ensure that it ends up in adding the user to your customer base later on. When the user finds the chatbot conversation coming to a halt, the only thing he/ she does is to leave the site and go on for a better search on the web.

Fix: If the chatbot offers a more interactive session which tempts customers to know more, it helps them stay connected with your brand. For example, asking a communicable statement like “Thank you for showing your interest in our product. Would you be interested to know more about our other services” is much better than simply asking “Thank you for showing your interest in our product.”. Applying such content strategies can make sure that the user or the customer receives the response as well as gaining extra knowledge of your service/ product and converts into a more productive conversation.

Place your Chatbot in Customer’s Mind

Chatbots has now become a necessity for online marketing businesses worldwide as it not only creates a fun and charming user experience but also helps businesses cut a lot of efforts with automated replies round the clock. Other digital marketing strategies can also be applied to listen and respond to various other requirements through a customized chatbot. Better the chatbot features and productivity, the better will be your lead generation. So make sure that your chatbot conquers the customer’s mind and make it a grand success.

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